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Who we are

HUMAN BLOOD - Vegan clothing and statement wear for a peaceful coexistence

"HUMAN BLOOD ®" was created from the idea to send a clear signal against racism and to spread a message through clothing. The range of our products perfectly combines the message against racist discrimination and exclusion with fashion and sends us on a campaign of justice. Our weapons are fabric, design and our claim.


How HUMAN BLOOD was created

In 2014, we first thought about how to combine expressive designs with fashion. The basic idea was the slogan "Human Blood is all one Color", which means "The blood of all people has the same colour". However, as this claim is much too long for one brand, it became the brand "HUMAN BLOOD ®", which is popular with many friends and celebrities today. With various motifs and statements such as "COEXIST", "Karma has no Deadline" or "Love is my Religion" we make a statement against racism, hate and exclusion.

Vegan clothing by conviction

In our assortment we have numerous products such as tank tops, jumpers and hoodies that are organically grown. We work with a leading, environmentally friendly printing system that saves water. This makes external processes such as pre-treatment, steaming and cleaning unnecessary and is also energy efficient. We use water-based printing inks, which does not produce any harmful substances. None of our prints contain animal by-products, our clothing is completely vegan. The prints are also non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Since 2018 our office has also been completely paperless. We use a printer exclusively for our shipping labels. Our products are 99.9% packed and shipped without plastic. We are also a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles.

In autumn 2019, we have decided to also do without the tissue paper in our orders. Up to now, all items have always been shipped in beautiful, coloured tissue paper. However, as this material is harmful to the environment, we have been sending all individual items in bags made of recycled plastic. These packages are certified by Blauer Engel. If several items are ordered at once, they are packed inside the box in bags made of organic plastic. Since mid 2020 we just use boxes made from gras. Completely organic and good for the enviroment.

Since the end of 2019 we have also been hosting completely "green". Energy is generated on the roof of the data centre during 1,777 hours of sunshine per year. The thermal energy on the roof of the data centre is used to cool the systems. Additional energy is generated entirely from hydropower. Thanks to cold aisle containment, the volume of air to be cooled is reduced. The triple room height means that the waste heat rises upwards without affecting the units. These measures have saved over 4,000 kg CO₂!

Social commitment

HUMAN BLOOD ® also attaches great importance to social commitment. We regularly support social projects such as recently a large NGO for sea rescue. In 2019, we also supported the sea rescue service with the purchase of the rescue ship "Eleonore". The total value of the ship was around 300,000 €. Further cooperation partners are for example the "VITA Assistenzhunde e.V." or the "Berliner AIDShilfe". In winter we distribute blankets to homeless people. We are convinced that a profitable company should also give a part of it to the weaker members of our society.

Fairness towards employees

An important aspect for us is the fair and honest production of vegan clothing. We use many products that are certified by organisations and thus stand for fair conditions in the countries of production. All our clothes are produced without child labour and with fair payment & employment contracts in a secure production facility. We also ensure - as far as we can - that standards are adhered to and terminate our supply contracts in the event of violations. All employees in the production plants are also paid fairly and above average. We currently employ staff in Bangladesh, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, all of whom we tax according to the world income principle. Salaries vary from country to country, but are well above average.

Our office employees are also paid above the general pay scale, have an above-average number of holiday days and receive constant support. Only a workplace that is fair and appreciative of employees is a good workplace. Overtime is of course also paid. We are not fans of "free overtime" at the expense of leisure, family & friends.