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The espresso "FCNP Espresso" is a very balanced espresso. The beans from Indonesia bring... more

The espresso "FCNP Espresso" is a very balanced espresso. The beans from Indonesia bring strength and earthy notes to this mixture, Brazil brings sweetness and Colombia fruit and a hint of dark chocolate. #filtercoffeenotpeople

  • Region and Country: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia
  • Variety: Arabica mixture
  • Preparation method: espresso, mocha, stove top & fully automatic machine
  • Roast level: medium to dark 100% Arabica from South America and Indonesia.
  • Available as beans or ground in 500g packs

☕️ Premium coffee with over 90 years of tradition from small, family coffee plantations around the equator.

Our coffee products are made with a lot of love for coffee. Instead of an industrial roasting process in which the coffee beans are often quickly roasted for 3 minutes (and thus burned), our coffee is roasted more gently and longer. In an almost 100-year-old ball roaster, the coffee is roasted in Regensburg for up to 30 minutes, depending on the type. This elaborate process by hand requires many years of experience in roasting coffee and reflects an extraordinary premium quality.

Many coffee companies harvest the coffee cherries in which the coffee beans are located on a specific date, regardless of whether they are really ripe or not. Our beans are not harvested on a deadline, but rather when they are ripe. Sometimes it takes longer because nature doesn't follow a calendar. We believe in our coffee and the high quality, which reflects not only the beans but also the high quality processing. Coffee is a luxury item that should be enjoyed with time and love.

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