Was bedeutet eigentlich „COEXIST“?


What does "COEXIST" actually mean?

Time and time again, some people ask the question, "What does "COEXIST" actually mean?" We explain it to you! And right from the start: No, we don't mean the album of the band "The xx" but the religious symbols that form the word "COEXIST".

Most of our products carry the "COEXIST" symbol with the focus on 3 of the religious symbols, viz.

  • the crescent moon as "C", which symbolizes Islam
  • the Star of David as "X" which stands for Judaism
  • the cross as "T" which represents Christianity

But why is this called "COEXIST"? Quite simply, the word stands for coexistence, the common living together in which often the religion of the other is an obstacle.

COEXIST stands for religious freedom, tolerance and understanding. Everyone should accept the other as he is, no matter what religion he belongs to.

Coexistence, the German translation of "COEXIST" is defined in the dictionary like this:

Ko̱-exis-tenz, coexistence.
Noun [the]; the simultaneous existence, coexistence, co-existence.
We hope that now we could explain you a little more precisely what message the symbols convey.

Image: Instagram frenchyjenny