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PETA-Approved Vegan


PETA - People of Ethical Treatment of Animals - has been a non-profit organization for animal rights since 1980. With more than five million members and supporters, it is one of the largest institutions, active worldwide and financed solely through donations.

PETA is constantly causing a sensation with its awareness campaigns. Whether nude campaigns against fur, conspicuous campaigns against animal slavery or against the extermination of certain animal species - the provocative and extreme nature of PETA is a little criticized. But this is exactly the plan, if any credible one to stimulate many people to think and to draw attention to the sometimes cruel grievances in their own companies. PETA's campaigns are primarily directed against animal testing, factory farming, fur farming and the meat industry in general. If animals are harmed in any kind of species, the facility intervenes. In addition, they do good educational work on vegan topics.

The goal of Germany's largest animal rights organization - PeTA Deutschland e.V. - is to help every animal to live a more sophisticated life.
In order to promote the level of awareness and the spread of vegan fashion and vegan accessories, PeTA is constantly committed to bringing animal-friendly styles and designs onto the market.

HUMAN BLOOD is an official partner of PeTA and certified with the "PeTA - approved VEGAN" seal. The animal rights organization awards this certification to animal-friendly companies in order to make the willingness visible to the animals and to better identify vegan fashion.

All of our product families are marked with this logo and listed on the PeTA website. More information at http://www.peta.de/petaapprovedvegan

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