"HUMAN BLOOD ®" was born from the idea of sending a clear signal against racism and spreading a message through clothing. In the meantime, the brand has changed into a statement fashion brand with an additional focus on sustainability, transparency, and fairness. The fashion world is changing and we are a part of it with our message - be a part of it too.


Make a statement against racism, hate, and bullying. We are the number one fashion brand in Germany and have 9+ years of experience in the industry and the community.

  • Fast shipping

    We print all over the world for fast and environmentally friendly shipping. For each order, we plant a tree to compensate for emissions.

  • Environmental friendly

    We use ink, which are based on watercolors. This means, our ink is environmentally friendly and keeps nature clean.

  • Trust our experience

    We are 9+ years in the industry and know what we do. Your happiness is our goal. Celebrities and thousands of customers trust us.

  • Statement Shirts and more

    Our portfolio includes different kind of clothing like statements shirts and also accessoires like coffee cups. Through this we want to give you the opportunity to give a statement against racism, hate and differentiation in any kind of life situation without losing too many words. A clear rejection of this topics is a life attitude for us, because of that we don't want to only focus on fashion as medium expression. HUMAN BLOOD ® supposed to be more than just a fashion label with meaningful motives. We would like to start a movement and encourage as many people as possibly, to give a clear statement against xenophobia and discrimination. We are absolutely convinced our clothes and accessories have the power to do it.

  • Statement Fashion for the whole world

    Our statement fashion comes all around the globe. Our office is in Estonia & Barcelona, you can see we are internationally connected. This kind of metropolises are the perfect place for our mission. Hundreds of nationalities are meeting in the german capital, cultural diversity is part of the daily life in Berlin's districts. But unfortunately in the same time the city is a hotbed for xenophobia and discrimination. Racism, hate and differentiation are things you can observe almost every day on the streets of the german capital. You can say the same about Amsterdam. In meantime our clothes are widely spread and you can often see them, which makes us proud. However, we don't want to only focus on Berlin or London, we want to spread our fashion with a statement all over the world.

  • Eco friendly statement shirt, hoodie or accessoires

    With vegan clothing we connect two matters of the heart. On one hand we give a voice to people with our meaningful clothes and accessories to speak up against racism and differentiation. On the other hand we create a statement from our side by choosing a sustainable option for all our business steps. Because of this many of our steps are more complex and partly also more expensive than other producers. However, for us it felt always good to operate with HUMAN BLOOD ® in a eco-friendly way. You can be sure with our vegan clothes, that every piece gives a clear message and was not produced on the cost of our environment. Therefore you can always have a good feeling with our statement shirts, hoodies and accessories.

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